The Oak - Raleigh

Welcome to The Oak-Raleigh, a scratch kitchen and bourbon bar founded in 2014. We are dedicated to delivering an exceptional dining experience to our guests, starting with our unwavering commitment to using the finest ingredients. We handpick the freshest produce and ingredients daily to ensure that every dish we serve reflects our commitment to quality and flavor.

But we are more than just a kitchen. Our team is comprised of knowledgeable and passionate individuals who have a deep understanding of bourbon and spirits. We take pride in sharing our expertise with our guests, guiding them through the world of bourbon, and helping them discover new flavors and experiences.

At The Oak Raleigh, great food and drinks go hand in hand with warm hospitality. Our goal is to create a welcoming atmosphere where guests can savor delicious scratch-made dishes and explore an extensive selection of bourbons and spirits. Whether you’re a bourbon enthusiast or a culinary adventurer, we invite you to join us on this flavorful journey.

Experience the difference at The Oak-Raleigh, where passion for ingredients, dedication to quality, and love for bourbon converge to create an unforgettable dining experience.