About Us

Hali Haught, General Manager

Hali Haught is an esteemed hospitality professional and the visionary behind the success of The Oak Raleigh. In 2014, she embarked on a remarkable journey and brought her passion for exceptional dining experiences to life by opening the restaurant. As General Manager, Hali’s leadership and expertise have been instrumental in establishing The Oak Raleigh as a renowned destination for food and beverage enthusiasts.

With a strong background in event management, Hali also directs the restaurant’s events and meticulously plans and executes memorable experiences for guests. Her meticulous attention to detail and creative flair ensure that every event at The Oak Raleigh is exceptional.

In addition to her role in event management, Hali takes pride in overseeing the bar programs and education of the restaurant staff at The Oak Raleigh. Her extensive knowledge of bourbon and spirits allows her to curate a remarkable selection of beverages and craft unique, innovative cocktails. Hali’s dedication to excellence is reflected in every aspect of the bar program, ensuring guests learn about fine spirits and enjoy drinks that perfectly complement the culinary offerings.

Hali’s extensive experience in the restaurant industry, coupled with her commitment to delivering exceptional service, has earned her a reputation as a skilled and influential leader. Her ability to foster a positive and collaborative work environment, combined with her passion for sharing her knowledge of bourbon, ensures that The Oak Raleigh continues to flourish under her guidance.

Hali Haught’s unwavering passion, expertise, and commitment to excellence have propelled The Oak Raleigh to new heights, making it a cherished destination for food, beverages, and unforgettable experiences.

Outside the restaurant, you can find Hail in the pilates or dance studio, exploring Hillsborough, paddle boarding, checking out restaurants, listening to live music, and hanging out with her pups!

Hali Haught

Chef Andersen Singleton

Chef Andersen, the culinary mastermind behind The Oak-Raleigh, is driven by a passion for showcasing the beauty of North Carolina’s seasonal and local ingredients. Drawing inspiration from French, Italian, and Classic European cuisine, Chef Andersen ingeniously weaves these influences into the rich tapestry of North Carolina produce to create delectable dishes that embody the fusion of Southern flavors.

His signature dishes at The Oak-Raleigh include the tantalizing Fox Farm mushrooms, house-made burrata, and Ronnie Moore tomatoes. Another highlight is the enticing selection of pasta dishes, where Chef Andersen masterfully incorporates North Carolina produce into traditional Italian classics. To further emphasize their commitment to local sourcing, The Oak-Raleigh features only locally caught fish as their market fish, a testament to their dedication to supporting regional producers.

Born and raised in the heart of Eastern North Carolina’s “hog country,” Chef Andersen’s culinary journey began in 2012 after a brief stint at North Carolina State University. Self-trained and determined, he started his culinary odyssey at the Flying Biscuit, honing his skills while flipping eggs. Throughout his career, Chef Andersen has had the privilege of working under the guidance of esteemed chefs such as Jason Smith, Paul Gagne, and David Mitchell. Each mentor played a pivotal role in shaping his culinary path. Chef Dave ignited his passion for pasta making, Chef Paul laid the foundation for kitchen management, and Chef Jason instilled in him the profound significance of utilizing local produce.

Beyond the bustling kitchen of The Oak-Raleigh, Chef Andersen enjoys precious moments with his wife and family, celebrating the arrival of a beautiful baby to their clan. He finds joy in cooking for his loved ones and friends, exploring new restaurants, reading, and indulging in his love for fantasy football, even if his beloved Raiders don’t always emerge victorious. Fascinated by true crime and history, Chef Andersen delves into podcasts that satiate his curiosity while discovering the soulful melodies of folk music and bluegrass.

With Chef Andersen’s culinary expertise and passion for local ingredients, The Oak Raleigh promises an unforgettable dining experience, celebrating the diverse and delectable flavors of North Carolina’s bounty.

Chef Anderson